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Just a word about fuel filters and clogged carbs.  If your part of the 
world, like mine, is using gasoline that contains 10% ethanol, you will have 
to do more than simply add an inline fuel filter.  When the ethanolic fuel 
starts to evaporate in the float bowls during periods of non-use, it can 
cause "gel balls" and other stuff to form in the bowls.  The next time you 
start up, viola, clogged pilot jets.  No filter in the world can stop this, 
because the precipitate forms after the fuel passes the filter.

To remedy, I've started using StaBil fuel stabilizer with every tankful, all 
year round.   Also, when the rest of the current bottle is gone, I'm 
switching to the marine formula, which is now stocked at my local Pep-Boys. 
It has twice the active ingredients to battle the ills of EtOH induced fuel 
degradation.  That's a good thing, cheap insurance and a heckuva lot easier 
than cleaning carbs on five motorcycles over and over again.  JMHO, YMMV.

Bill in Yardley, PA
wkdenton at

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> Well done Chris! Yep, keep that inline filter fresh and you'll save
> yourself a lot of trouble. Wish I'd known that before I had to pull my
> low-miles bike's carbs apart after I bought it. :)

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