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Wed Oct 8 19:42:28 PDT 2008

What Steve said, (I have the patience to wrench on the bike, not for the
Gov't BS and red tape).. And.... John has listed his low mileage bike as
being available for a lister!..

Paul W. Landry
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From: Steve Northrop [mailto:blackgpz at] 

Once totaled, a vehicle must pass a state roadworthiness inspection before
it can be titled and registered again. The title will be a rebuilt or
salvage title. This will obviously affect the resale value of the bike. The
inspection process is a pain in the ass too. I bought a crashed stolen
recovery bike and went through all this. I'll never do it again.

Steve in Western NY

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From: "Mark Reckinger" <marque at>

 My question is, does anyone have any experience with this
> process? He's not averse to buying it back but it may make more sense to
> let it go and look for a lower mile version later. So, if you've been
> through one of these processes, any personal experiences or tips would
> be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mark R

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