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Tue Oct 14 08:15:40 PDT 2008


I used to get 12-14K on the gpz.  With a set typically lasting at least a season and a half.  Perhaps my skill did improve that much.  One thing for sure, I never ever hung off the seat on the gpz when cornering.  Didn't know why/how to do it.  Reading total control, and high perf street riding techniques (nick Ia..something or other), and some tutoring from a few local track guys, cornering and confidence increased big time.  I just can't believe i've been riding for so long without knowing this.  Many of the oh shit moments could have been avoided :)  Some days I wonder how well i'd corner on the gpz had I know this before.  

If I can't get a set of pr2's for next season, I may try the diablo stradas or the z6's.  A few cog guys have been impressed with both.  Maybe even try some dunlop roadsmarts.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008, 10:02:58 AM, Charles wrote:

> My question is why 
> you think it eats tires?  I've never gotten more than 7,500 
> miles from a set of tires on the GPZ and would consider 7K 
> to 10K on the C14 pretty good. 

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