Connie Anniversary

scapco at scapco at
Tue Oct 14 08:02:58 PDT 2008


Thanks for the write up, the C14 is on my list if I ever 
get my financial head back above water.  My question is why 
you think it eats tires?  I've never gotten more than 7,500 
miles from a set of tires on the GPZ and would consider 7K 
to 10K on the C14 pretty good.  I'd never want to put hard 
tires like on a Leadwing on it, so I'd consider 8K totally 

Charles S.

Julian Solomensky Wrote:
>The thing will shred tires like nothing!  Managed to get 
>8900 miles from the oem's, ~10K from the first pair of 
>pilot road 2's, and ~7K from the second pair.

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