GPZList Digest, Vol 23, Issue 14

Mark Reckinger marque at
Wed Oct 15 18:24:56 PDT 2008

The nice thing about the Nuvi 200W (and probably others) is the "Max
Speed" capture on the trip computer. Just show that to the troopers.
Actually the GPS speedo is great for those that try to run exactly 9
over. All of my bike speedos are way off and not trustworthy. For a
basic GPS, the Nuvi 200W has been great. The Garmin website has a great
feature compare if your considering different models and features.

Mark R

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 08:30:58 -0500
From: David Beard <davidebeard at>
Subject: Re: Was Re: Connie Anniversary, Now GPS
To: GPZLIST <gpzlist at>
Message-ID: <48F5F092.80504 at>
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I'm thinking since my speedo seems to be pretty inaccurate, I would 
mount the GPS over the speedo and use it as such. Would be nice not to 
have to guesstimate my speed when I see the friendly trooper pull in 
behind me. I see some very good prices for this on ebay right now. This 
one is a definite possibility!

Dave B

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