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Take a look at the TomTom's also.

Some have bluetooth, headphone jacks, route planning, MP3, accept sim cards.
Some (for a fee) have live traffic reporting. Shows you where bad traffic or road construction is.

I looked hard before I got mine and I just liked the ease and features of the TomTom's more.

Go to Bestbuy or wherever that sells GPS's and try them all out.
Think about ease of use not at the store, but how easy they would be to use when wearing riding gloves.

I have a 720 for my cars. Larger screen and more features.
For the bike I got the One 3rd edition. Smaller & less features, but I got it for around 100 on e-bay.

Figured why pay 200+ for something thats exposed to the elements.
If something happens to the One, I can buy another and still have spent less.

Just my .02c

Peter T.

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Well, I think I have a short list of GPS's that I'm looking at now, 
thanks to those who have commented. They are:

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