Now GPS - do you need one

The Masons masonjs at
Wed Oct 15 19:43:42 PDT 2008

You guy are missing 1/2 the fun of travelling--being lost.  I've got no GPS. 
I've got maps, sometimes I don't have maps. Sometimes my maps disintegrate 
in the rain (August 08 Maine). Sometimes I'm semi lost. I go into info 
stops. They are usually manned by seniors.  They are the most helpful and 
courtious people I have met.   If I've got 1/2 a tank of fuel and am on an 
asphalt road in North America I can't be any more than 50 km (30miles)  from 
more fuel.  I usually ask directions.  I meet the locals.  They tell me 
where to eat, they tell me of decent lodgings (except in Truro NS).  It 
helps me learn and tolerate.  It makes my ride.

My ride my time well spent Jim 

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