Was Re: Connie Anniversary, Now GPS

David Beard davidebeard at comcast.net
Wed Oct 15 06:30:58 PDT 2008

I'm thinking since my speedo seems to be pretty inaccurate, I would 
mount the GPS over the speedo and use it as such. Would be nice not to 
have to guesstimate my speed when I see the friendly trooper pull in 
behind me. I see some very good prices for this on ebay right now. This 
one is a definite possibility!

Dave B

dominatr37 wrote:
> I'm running a streetpilot C550 Garmin, which is full featured 
> (Bluetooth, MP3's Street names at turns, SD slot Etc.) Downside is 
> it's big and the RAM mount for it sucks. So I made up something that 
> works fine, but I intend to improve on it next year a bit. I've used 
> it all the way to Cleveland and back from NY as well as up to Vt and 
> back. I didn't have an issue with it falling off the bike so that's a 
> plus. It's not waterproof, but when it rained I just threw it in the 
> tank bag quickly. Screen is big enough to see easily and it has all 
> voice prompts , while easily connecting throuigh my Motocomm ST-1 
> system . It works great, I have to say.
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