life saver fall run

The Masons masonjs at
Sun Oct 19 18:23:44 PDT 2008

Well we closed up the cottage on the river and moved home.  ---- and Marilyn 
got in some cleaning frenzy---and I found out we are having company on 
Tuesday and decided it was time the bike needed exercise.
It was bright and cool 11C (51F).  Lit the bike up and headed southeast to 
pick up the Bogie road, took a standard 300 km (200mile) curcuit from Bogie, 
to Lanark then northeast through "Deliverence land".  The roads were pretty 
much devoid of traffic as the peak of the leaf season has passed and there 
are only a skim of yellow, some brassy brown but a bout 70% of the hardwoods 
are a barren gray and even the greens of the conifers are dull.  But the 
roads were also devoid of gendarms so I made a fairly spirited run ( not 
Chalk/Buehle crazy) but to the point I had to slow due to both cold and 
elevated heart rate.  I stopped at the Swiss Inn on Hwy 41 Denbeigh for a 
bowl of their excellent soup and the borsch was not disapointing.  Warmed up 
some I got out onto 41 and was imediatly blow away by a Toyota Solara.  My 
wife's brother had one of these and claimed it was fast.  So I down shifted 
( I got a 1 litre Vstrom now - you gotta down shift to find the engine) and 
started walking on her.  The Solara came in view quickly and this section of 
41 was a favorite of Ruby (long 160 kph {100 mph} +) sweepers that had her 
leaned in hard.  The vstrom even with the deathwing front and semi road 
Distenza Avon rear came out of the first corner at 155kph.  She could have 
pulled the ton with ease, but we were biting the bumper of the Solara.  The 
Solara was making good time and I was happy wiith the velocity so I deemed 
it smarter to let it run blocker at close to 140 kph and I only have to 
check the rear view for the next 50 km (30 miles).  I turned off 41onto the 
Balaclava freeway and imedeatly ran into fresh rock chip & tar that gave me 
a quick side ways slide and serious dejavus of the Trans Labrador Highway of 
this past August.  I stopped at Knightington (4th Chute) on the Bonnechere 
River to take a picture of the bike and to falls.  Then it was on to Douglas 
for a shot of the old limestone grist mill and home.
With luck I'll have a couple more of these runs before my season is over.

Jim  stole another day 

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