OEM USA Bags - zipper service?

Jay Loeppke jloeppke at charter.net
Thu Oct 23 18:12:34 PDT 2008

I just bought the large one for my KLR and put it on tonight, for the  
top.     Some people have used them for the top and sides.   They say  
putting them on the side they will leak just a little.  But it looks  
like a lttle weather stripping would cure the problem.  Not a bad  
price for the product.  Has free shipping.    I was thinking the same  
thing for my GPZ .  Problem is I have no side or top frame to bolt  
to.  The metal plate for this thing is identical to a GIVI, so I've  
read in the KLR blogs
On Oct 23, 2008, at 4:11 PM, Chuck Driscoll wrote:

> I have one of these on the KLR. I like it a lot. I bought the  
> medium, because I did not want to swing my leg over the large. It  
> can't hold a helmet, but it keeps things very dry, and I throw my  
> tankbag in it when I leave the bike. It was great on a two day tour  
> to Glacier. My daughter used it as a backrest. She is only 10 years  
> old and around 70 lbs, but it held her without any problem. I peeled  
> off the cheesy Iron Cross sticker on the lid.
> Cheers!
> Chuck Driscoll
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>> Subject: Re: OEM USA Bags - zipper service?
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>> Date: Thursday, October 23, 2008, 9:26 AM
>> Great idea!
>> I wonder - would it cost more to by and replace the zippers
>> in a good luggage shop than the JCWhitney GIVI clone bags
>> would cost?  And would it be worth it?
>> In case anyone's not familiar with the JC Whitney
>> trunk:
>> http://www.jcwhitney.com/MATTE-BLACK-TRAVEL-TRUNKS/GP_2010969_N_111+10211+600014603_10111.jcw
>> It's basically an uber cheap Givi clone.  From looking
>> at installation pictures from people who own these bags at
>> www.sport-touring.net I believe that I could attach the
>> mounting plates to the OEM Kawasaki pannier hardware fairly
>> easily.
>> I hate those damn zippers; I've never been thrilled
>> with the zip-zip velcro USA GPZ OEM bags.  Though I do love
>> how weatherproof they are - when they are ziped and velcroed
>> tight I've ridden hours in downpours and never had
>> anything but VERY SLIGHT leakage.
>> -Phil
>> From: <marque at copper.net>Subject: zipper serviceTo:
>> <gpzlist at micapeak.com>Message-ID:
>> <20081021122029.1AA8E715 at resin18.mta.everyone.net>Content-Type:
>> text/plain; charset="UTF-8"  Any good luggage
>> repair shop should be able to help... Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008
>> 16:26:48 -0400From: Philip Hamm
>> <philbike20 at hotmail.com>Subject: OEM USA Bags - zipper
>> service?To: <gpzlist at micapeak.com>Message-ID:
>> <BAY101-W37A07B0CA9FC3879E519A4D52F0 at phx.gbl>Content-Type:
>> text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"  Has anone
>> successfully had the zippers replaced in their OEM USA
>> saddlebags? I am afraid that the zippers on mine are
>> starting to see the end of their days. If you have had
>> service done on the zippers, please share your experience.
>> If my zippers completely fail, I am considering trying to
>> mount some JC Whitney GIVI copy bags, I believe the mounts
>> should attach to the GPZ brackets. -Phil
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