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Damon Runyon was a writer in the 20', 30's & 40's.
In the event that you do not know or have never heard of Damon Runyon and/or 
Runyonese, here are a couple of paragraphs (sentences) from "The Hottest Guy 
in the World"

Of course I do not believe Big Julie does all the things the coppers say, 
because coppers always blame everything no matter where it happens on the 
most prominent guy they can think of, and Big Julie is quite prominent all 
over the U.S.A. The chances are he does not do more than half of these 
things, and he probably has a good alibi for the half he does do, at that, 
but he certainly is hot, and I donot care to have hot guys around me, or 
even guys who are only a little bit warm.
 But naturually I am not going to say this to Big Julie when he pops in on 
me, because he may think I am inhospitable, and I do not care to have such a 
rap going around about me, and furthermoreJule may become indignant if he 
thinks I am inhospitable and knock me on my potato, because Big Julie is 
quick to take offence.
 So I say hello to Big Julie, very pleasant, and ask him to have a chair by 
the window where he can see the citizens walking to and fro down in Eighth 
Avenue and watch the circus wagons moving into Madison Square Gardensy way 
of the Firty-ninth Street side, for the circus always shows in the Garden in 
the spring before going on the road.
 It is a little warm, and Big Julie takes off his coat, and I can see he has 
one automatic slung under his arm, and another sticking down in the 
waistband of his pants, and I hope and trust that no copper steps into the 
room while Big Julie is there because it is very much against the law for 
guys to go around rodded up this way in New York City.

If you want to read more you'll have to get on E bay and buy either The 
Damon Runyon Omnibus on Guys & Dolls.


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