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Paul S. Elsberry pselsberry at comcast.net
Thu Sep 4 09:01:06 PDT 2008

Hey Guys,

Below is a question that I asked 1K regarding the fit of a header from the 
ZZR1200 to go onto the GPZ.
I want to keep the dual exhaust, but want to have another option other than 
OEM or an over $1000 for an aftermarket system.
I am planning on a slipon system from D&D.
If you have any info on this being done or known issues on this set up let 
me know.


Paul in MD

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>I BELIEVE the ZZR1200 header will fit the GPz, with some
> adjustments/shims to the radiator or oil cooler. At least that's what
> I've been able to determine from past inquiries on the subject. Or it
> could be that I'm thinking of someone who put a ZZR1200 header on a
> ZX-11 (which would probably amount to the same thing). You may want to
> post a general email to the list... I believe someone on here did it,
> or someone who used to be here anyway. I think the main issue is that
> the ZZR header is stainless and thus is thinner/hotter than original
> or something so you need more clearance. Or the opposite. Sorry I
> can't be of more help.
> Still haven't had the time to figure out the GPz's forks... if I do
> figure it out I hope to keep it until it dies. The ZZR may have to go
> sometime soon to help pay for a different bike. I love the engine but
> the rest of the bike (particularly the front end) isn't quite right
> and I don't trust it.
> On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 8:35 PM, Paul S. Elsberry
> <pselsberry at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Hey Jeff,
>> Wondering if you knew, will the header from a ZZR1200 fit on the GPZ??
> -- 
> Utah Jeff
> '96 SheePz1100 

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