Chain and sprockets

1KPerDay 1kperday at
Thu Sep 4 15:29:28 PDT 2008

FYI I got my Tsubaki Sigms 530 from here... $140 shipped. Supposed to
be the best, strongest chain you can get.

I put a DID gold something-or-other on the GPz (the Tsubaki's going on
the ZZR, which makes quite a bit more horsies and TQ)... got it from
MAWonline a year or so ago for about $120 I think.

I've been really pleased with solomotorparts... I've ordered a few
things from him. I think it's just one guy but it's great cust/serv.
MAWonline is a gigantic warehouse. I'd never buy anything fragile from
them again (they put a plexifairing inside a big box with no packing
material 8-O) but for a chain you're probably okay. Check their return
policy, though.

I got my OEM C/S sprockets from It will take a week or
two so if you're in a hurry order somewhere else.

> Oh, and just to throw a firecracker in the skunk nest, where are you guys
> going for your drive line components? I'm  going to do the work myself, I
> just have to find the best deal (too bad I need at least an O-ring chain,
> non-O-rings are CHEEP!)
> Don in GJ

Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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