Chain and sprockets

Jay Loeppke jloeppke at
Thu Sep 4 16:52:01 PDT 2008

That is correct.  I have 40K and replaced mine last week.  Got it all  
from Dennis Kirk.  Its over night delivery for me for free.    My son  
had the bike out of town when he told me the chain was getting  
impossible to adjust.   Thinking the bike was stock, and was ok   
performance wise, I thought I would remain stock.     When changing it  
though, I found somebody had put a 47 tooth on the back.   It was fine  
around town, had plenty of power from a stop,  milage was about 40  
town and 48-50 at 55-60.  Drive 70 to 75 , milage would be about   
45-48.   Get this,  after we put the new stuff on we went on a quick  
200M run, average speed was 60 and windy, gets 50mpg.  The next day my  
son takes it to college, Interstate driving 70-75, calm....gets  
54mpg.   It is a little more peppy in first and that last gear isn't  
that tall ( I live near a 45 zone and never used that last gear  
before, now I can).
On Sep 4, 2008, at 3:56 PM, Don Wilcox wrote:

> Well, it's that time. I'm pushing 53K miles on the Almighty Geeper  
> and it's
> time for a new drive train. Chain has a couple of bad links, and I'm  
> having
> to adjust it every 200 miles or less (and it didn't help that I ran  
> 400 last
> weekend...).
> So, question for our studio audience... Correct me if I'm wrong, but  
> stock
> setup is 17 front, 45 rear, 530 112 link chain, correct?
> ZX11 setup is different, is it not? it calls out for a 110 link  
> chain, and
> possibly different rations on the sprockets
> Oh, and just to throw a firecracker in the skunk nest, where are you  
> guys
> going for your drive line components? I'm  going to do the work  
> myself, I
> just have to find the best deal (too bad I need at least an O-ring  
> chain,
> non-O-rings are CHEEP!)
> Don in GJ

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