GPZList Digest, Vol 22, Issue 5 (Ignition nuts)

Jens Libak Pedersen pedmail at
Mon Sep 8 13:44:36 PDT 2008

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 The screws that hold the ignition switch are tamperproof torx screws
- tamperproof in the way that they have a small 'dot' in them that
prevents you from getting the torx driver in the screw's head
properly. You need to flatten this little dot with a suitable tool.
The metal is not that hard and I didn't find it difficult to do. Once
they're flattened the rest is pretty straight forward. Caution: If you
open the switch be careful not to drop anything - it's full of small
springs and stuff that tends to get lost on the floor :-) 
 '96 "Black Stealth" GPZ
 mrgilmore at skrev:  

	Hey guys!
 I think someone here had already responded, but I cannot locate
where I put the info.? I need to remove my original ignition switch
and replace it with one I have on a parts bike.? The nuts appear to be
anti-theft style, where it seems difficult to unscrew them.? I haven't
tried yet, but can see that.
 Anyone done this before?...? Also, is there any easy way to open my
seat without that key?? I don't really want to break the old lock...
 Thanks in advance to any help-givers...
 Ron Jordan

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