Sparky gaskets

schnowz schnowz at
Thu Sep 18 17:22:48 PDT 2008

   My bike almost crapped out on the way to work today. It dropped from 4 to 
2 cylinders a mile from work, but was able get there.
   Turns out there was oil on the plugs. Last time I did the valves 11k 
miles ago I didn't have a new sparkplug gasket and didn't want to wait for 
one., so I reused the old one which I'd reused before and was weeping a 
little. I slapped it together and ordered the new gaskets which I didn't 
have time to put on right away when I recieved them, and then forgot about 
it... Duh
  She's runnning now after cleaning the plugs but I gotta remember to put 
those gaskets on when I get back from our trip..

Hope that's all it is...

 Pete S

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