Dad (Les) Johnson jjohnsonlta at
Sat Sep 20 22:14:46 PDT 2008

       I purchased a used  96 GPZ 1100. I am currently working on getting it
serviced and running strong to my liking.The bike seems to surge (noticed
more in lower gears) when you try to cruise it at a steady RPM between 1000
to 3500 .  After that it runs fine on up to red line.. It has done this ever
since I first test drove it. The plugs look close to new but showed just a
very slight hint of light tan on a couple of them. The others are white on
the porcelain . Looks to me it's running lean. I am at about 200 ft elev. I
can put the chock on with it running and it seems to run better in those RPM
ranges.  I know I had a ZX-11D that had a flat spot in the power band. I
ended up shimming the needles and cured that. The problem was different from
this. This seems to happen with the throttle just barely open. I am
wondering if this is common to this bikes? Maybe the pilot jet screws need
screwed out another 1/2 turn or so. I also drained some  gas from two of the
float bowls to see the condition. There was just a very ,very  slight hint
of super small particles. I wouldn't think enough to clog anything. Any
thoughts on proceeding from here?

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