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Wow, I'm surprised anyone would even install a non-oring chain on a modern bike like the GPz.  No wonder it lasted so short.  I recommend an O-Ring chain to replace it!


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> So coming back from the killingon classic my chain became so slack that it
> was hanging off the frame. That chain was put on last year by LI Kawasaki,
> and had about 3,000 miles on it. So I ordered a chain and sprocket set and
> installed them today. Here's what I found. The sprockets weren't worn at
> all, compared to the new ones, which really surprised me, as they had about
> 15,000 miles on them. No pointed teeth, no signs of wear. So the big
> question is what kind of crappy chain did they install on my bike last year?
> They told me it was a Tsubaki, but was it a bottom of the line non oring
> Tsubaki? No idea. All I know is the thing forst became slack a few weeks
> before the classic. But not real bad. I tightened it up. then put 750 miles
> or so on it during the event , and i lubed it several times with all the
> rain going on. Everything else looked fine on the bike. Rear wheel bearings
> seemed fine. I can't figure it out. I put a new set of sprockets on today
> and an X-ring DiD chain. I akso replaced the broken speedometer cable which
> also went down on me during the ride home.
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