my other bike experience - the er6n

Alexander Finger af at
Fri Sep 26 08:10:06 PDT 2008

I brought the gpz to the dealership for a bit of cosmetics (to no
avail - "she's dirty!" the guy complained ;-)) and they gave me an
ER6N for the day.

"A small bycicle" the guy said and he was right. 172kg? Nothing if
you're used to the GPZ ;-)

So for the first time I understood why the heck the guys with the
small bikes simply outrace me on the twisties - it's like comparing a
cannon boat with a battle cruiser. I liked as well the feedback I got
from the road - the ER6 feels much closer to the asphalt than the GPZ
- might be time to re-do the suspension and shock absorbers? But even
then..the additional 120kg will for sure "ease away" some of that
feeling. "It's new technology of today", true as well - an easy ride!

The other thing I learned was that even the small fairings of the GPZ
give a good amount of protection. Surprising enough.


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