my other bike experience - the er6n

Paul Heim SuprHtr at
Sun Sep 28 19:31:56 PDT 2008

The Versys is getting great reviews and the ER-6N and 6F can't be far 
behind, given so much common hardware.  My ZR-7S is much lighter than the 
Geeper, but also much milder, performance-wise.  It's much easier to hop on 
and flog.  I've often thought I could replace both bikes with an F800ST 
Beemer, which has also gotten great reviews.  A new BMW would still cost 
more than the GPz and the ZR combined, though!  Add in the fact that I lust 
after a ZX-7R to replace the ZR-7 and you can tell that I'm totally 
conflicted.  The GPz is astounding for long-range, high-speed touring, but 
it can be hard work sometimes with all that weight.  Even so, it's the best 
tool I have for big trips and I still find myself marvelling at how good it 
is after a weekend of riding on the roads around here.

Paul in Ohio
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>I brought the gpz to the dealership for a bit of cosmetics (to no
> avail - "she's dirty!" the guy complained ;-)) and they gave me an
> ER6N for the day.

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