Need help - information from the service manual

Jeffrey Walker walkerjl at
Fri Sep 26 14:01:48 PDT 2008

OK, so I may have mentioned, I've moved down to CA for the next year working
as a independent engineering contractor.  I brought my bike down in a
trailer for riding to work (and everywhere else), along with some essential
home furnishings and etc.

I packed up a travel tool box from my roll away boxes in my garage back
home, and thought I was good to go, but somehow forgot to bring my service

I have to pull my front wheel off to take it in and have a new tire mounted.
The garage at my apartment here doesn't have exposed rafters like my garage
at home, which I would use to anchor ratchet straps to the handlebars and
raise the front enough to remove the wheel and keep it stable.  I guess I'm
going to have to use a jack under the motor this time, which makes me VERY

I've pulled the front wheel before, but it's been a while (9000 miles).
What I need to know are torque values:

Brake caliper bolt torque: _____________

Front Axle Bolt Torque:______________

Axle pinch bolt torque:____________

Front fender bolts:_____________

Also:  I need to know (in millimeters) both the chain slack and chain
stretch measurements, and the recommended tire pressures.

I managed to pick up a 2 inch sheet metal screw in my rear tire last
weekend.  Luckily I was almost down to the cords on that tire anyway.  I
talked Chaparral Motorsports PPI shop into pulling the wheel for me so the
new tire could be mounted, but I didn't check chain slack at all when the
wheel was replaced.  It was a Sunday and the service shop was closed.

I'm really liking the Avon Storm I've put on the rear so far, now that it's
pretty well scrubbed in.  I'm putting a new Storm on the front, hopefully
today. I also like not having to break in two new tires at the same time.  

Fantastic traction with the Bridgestone BT-014's by the way, they just wear
out fast.  But for as fast as they did wear out, they were always properly
mannered.  No cupping at all.


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