Need help - information from the service manual

Paul Landry p_landry at
Fri Sep 26 14:55:09 PDT 2008

Hi Jeff.. 

See below for the values you asked for.

I just did this myself a few weeks back on my GPz, Michelin Pilot Roads
front and rear.  This is my 3rd set of these as I am really pleased with the
ride, feel and wear from them.

Like you I hoist the front of the bike using web straps to a beam in the
garage ceiling as a "safety" but use an automotive scissor jack to lift the
front of the bike.  Don't like doing it this way as the jack is under the
header collector and not on the frame or engine, but have not come up with a
better way yet.

Important note....  This last tire change I did the jack as usual but when
hoisting the front of the bike high enough to get the front wheel free  from
the fender and forks I noticed in horror that the centre stand was only on 1
foot!..  The bike was not lifting up squarely!..  Almost had a S**T!  So

Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at

From: Jeffrey Walker [mailto:walkerjl at] 
Subject: Need help - information from the service manual

I've pulled the front wheel before, but it's been a while (9000 miles).
What I need to know are torque values:

Brake caliper bolt torque: ___34 N-m ( 3.5 Kg-m, 25 ft-lb )__________

Front Axle Bolt Torque:______98 N-m ( 10 kg-m, 72 ft-lb )________

Axle pinch bolt torque:_____20 N-m ( 2.0 kg-m, 14.5 ft-lb )_______

Front fender bolts:_____________  The front fender does not need to be
removed to pull the front tire, but...  I have never removed mine and did
not find a reference for torque on these bolts in the manual.

Also:  I need to know (in millimeters) both the chain slack and chain
stretch measurements, and the recommended tire pressures.

Chain Slack 35 - 40 mm
Chain 20 Link length   Standard:  317.5 - 318.2 mm   Service Limit:  323mm


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