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Jeffrey Walker walkerjl at
Sat Apr 4 20:18:38 PDT 2009

As promised, I took a picture of my GPS and radar RAM mount balls.  You can
see them here: 

The ball on the left is what I mount my Escort 8500X50 radar on, inside a
Legal Speeding radar case.  The case is a little bit bulkier than I would
have liked, but it does keep the radar nice and dry and protected.  The ball
on the right is where I mount my Garmin 2720, and you can see the tail of
the power / audio cord half wrapped around it.

It just uses two of the four bolts that mount the handlebars on, the allen
bolts that are recessed and hidden by the little round plastic covers.  I
just used a longer stainless steel allen bolt with a rounded head with a
stainless washer and lock washer and some loctite on the threads.

I have some more pics of the bike too, but I'm going to send that in a
different message.


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I went with a tankbag from Twisted Throttle that has an integrated GPS
Mount. Puts the GPS closer to me (recommended) and out of the way of my
guages. Love it! Forget the brand but it's the style of tankbag that snaps
onto a reciever mounted the gas cap ring. 

Mark R

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