Some of my bikes mods and farkles

Jeffrey Walker walkerjl at
Sat Apr 4 20:55:35 PDT 2009

In the following links, you can see pics of some of the various little
farkles that I've done to my bike.  I'm sorry for the poor quality cell
phone pics.

1)  Datel voltmeter.  Securely glued to the top of the instrument cluster.
Securely attached with Velcro.  It is measuring voltage directly from the
battery, and is controlled on/off by a toggle switch on the left hand
fairing under my hand on the bars.  I can check the voltage without the key,
and the same toggle switch controls power to my radar detector, GPS, and
cigarette lighter plug (not visible in any pics.) 

2)  LP tank bra.  Purchased it off of a list member.  Surprisingly, my
magnetic tank bag still securely attaches to the tank with the bra on. 

3)  Hella FF50 driving lights mounted to the mirror stalks and MRA
VarioTouring screen.  To mount the FF50 lights, I drilled a hole through
mirror base, and a recessed hole on underside to accommodate the nuts and
lock washers. MRA VarioTouring screen is excellent at speed. You can also
see my Datel voltmeter through the screen, mounted on top of the instrument

4) Givi E360 bags on a Givi wing rack.  You can also see my Corbin
gunfighter saddle.  Now that its broken in I love it.  It is very
comfortable for me. 

5) High Tech Speed Proton LED flush mount front turn signals (and you can
kind of see my Fenda Extenda.)  I really like these lights.  Very easy to
install, they light up with the key on and flash pretty bright.  I haven't
wired the rear turn signals on the wing rack with an extra resistor yet so
they flash fast, however I wonder if that is more noticeable by cagers that

6) The three toggle switches I use to control stuff.  One is for the Datel
and radar, GPS and cigarette plug.  One is for my driving lights, and one is
for my heated vest. (Which I made myself.  Works great with only on/off
control, no sissy heat troller for me; leave it on until you're too warm,
turn it off until you're too cold, and repeat until you get to where you're
going.  As you can see, the toggles are easily reached with my left index
finger without having to remove my hand from the bar.  I don't even have to
look, just takes a little practice. 

Mods you don't see:  a) Back Off brake light modulator b) Kissan headlight
modulator c) dual hi/low tone horns powered by a relayed circuit d) Improved
wiring to the headlight hi/low beams, powered by a relay circuit controlled
by stock headlight wiring.... headlight doesn't dim at idle as much e)
cigarette lighter power plug, which I only really use for recharging my cell
phone and iPod as needed.  It has a spring loaded cover / seal that keeps
out the rain quite well.  f) NEP throttle lock  g) Factory Pro jet kit and
ignition advancer.

I LOVE my bike.  Hopefully I'll be keeping it for a long time. I've only got
17K miles on it right now.  It had 2300 miles when I bought it, and I
carpool a bit and ride my bicycle to work when I can.  


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