Vance and Hines 4 into 1 Header

Jeffrey Walker walkerjl at
Tue Apr 7 15:34:08 PDT 2009

The splash guard you are referring to is called a 'Fenda Extenda'.  I bought
mine off of a fellow list member, and it was worth every penny.  Search
around and you should be able to find one.  I also wonder if one listed for
another model would fit the GPz, like maybe the one for the Connie.  Murphs
Kits used to sell them too.

Exhaust studs and nuts:  Soak in PB Blaster, let sit, repeat (better
penetration than WD-40).  An impact wrench would be better than trying to
use a breaker bar I think.

Good luck!

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      Steve in spite of rumors to the contrary ;-), Dave is right "You are 
the man"..
Yep I definitly want the header. Much appreciated. Lemme know what you want 
with shipping.
It'll be a homecoming when it meets back up with the caliper and wheel you 
sold me..
          IIRC some listers had a splashguard on the front fender to stop 
shit spraying up from the front wheel. Anyone have details. My oil cooler 
fins were plugged solid with sand and shit.
         The pipes have never been off since I had the bike, Gonna soak the 
studs with WD40 and use an impact wrench but I'm wondering what the chances 
are of snapping the studs.


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