Spring Fever. (NGPZC)

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Fri Apr 17 12:28:22 PDT 2009

> Riding season finally arrived for me yesterday!..
> No distance, just out running errands here in the valley as there is still 
> a
> lot of snow in the upper highways and passes.

Mine started Tuesday and like yours it was short --about 100 km from 
Westmeath to Renfrew, Douglas, Hindford, Douglas and Cobden.
The snow storm we had 2 weeks ago prompted the roads departments to take one 
last stab at salting and sanding the smaller paved back roads and they did 
their task with more than some enthusiasm.  The back roads are treacherous. 
It was a good ride all the same.
I've got a number of trees that have to come down and some that came down 
with help from, snow, wind, age and beavers, so I've been riding the 53 cc 
Sthil for the past week.  3 hours with that bitch and I'm done for the day. 
It was kind to me today and blew a fuel line after only 2 hours. The only 
compensation is there are still a few beer holding snow drifts left.


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