Spring Fever. (NGPZC)

scapco at ecentral.com scapco at ecentral.com
Fri Apr 17 12:44:37 PDT 2009

We went from spring in March to winter in April.  They 
shut my office in Evergreen (7600 ft altitude) down at 
noon because there was 18 inches of snow in the parking 
lot.  I-70 west into the mountains was a parking lot 
because of snow and ice.  Not much in Denver yet, but the 
forecast calls for 10 to 20 inches by tomorrow morning.  
This sucks, I wanna go riding!!

BTW, Paul, I'm heading back to Banff and north again tis 
summer, but probably in July.  I didn't get to see 
everything I wanted last August.  Not sure about doing it 
by bike or car yet, depends on a lot of shit happening 
between now and then.

Charles S.

> Riding season finally arrived for me yesterday!..

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