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Mon Apr 20 19:27:12 PDT 2009

For OEM parts, it's easy enough to compare, but I've always found Ron Ayers 
to be cheapest.  Bike Bandit is just that.  My only gripe with Ron Ayers is 
that if Kawi has it back-ordered, so does Ron.  Actually, that's a totally 
unreasonable gripe.  I'm just hacked off at the world because it took 6+ 
weeks last year to get valve shims for my ZR-7...

Paul in Ohio
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I'd be interested in hearing from all members on who they feel has the best 
prices on the internet for parts, chemicals, etc.

Putting 2 grand into the bike and need to watch every penny. If I'm not 
careful, it won't stetch as far as I need it to.

Ayers, Kirk? Or someone I've never heard of?

Thanx in advance.



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