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Try the current crop of sport-touring tires i.e. Pirelli Strada, Metzeler 
Z6, Dunlop Roadsmart, Avon Storm. On the street, you can't outride them, 
better mileage than sport tires. My current and favorite combo is a Pirelli 
Diablo (sport) front tire and a Pirelli Strada (sport-touring) rear. This 
gives me a little better cornering and braking up front and they wear out at 
the same time, around 6500 miles.

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My wife disagrees but I say the most important thing on a motorcycle are 
sticky tires.

She says don't get the cheapest out there, but something good. Think on a 1 
to 10 scale 1 being cheap and 10 being expensive. She says get a 6 or 7.

I say get a 10.

To her credit, she is keeping how long they last in mind, she says try 
getting some tires that I can get more miles out of. She is correct in 
saying I will never even approach the limits of the tires I have in mind.

This is when I take the stance that if I treat them well and just ride them 
as I would any street tire, I should get decent mileage out of them.

I have read nothing but good reviews on the Michelin Pilot/power pros. A lot 
of people say they are only good for a few thousand, some say you may get 
10k or more out of a set. I dunno who to believe.

Is this a really great tire? What kind of mileage could I expect?

Is it overkill and should I be considering other less expensive brands?



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