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Shinko's are the old Yokohama tire division. I like the rear on the Geeper but got sticky on the lighter zx12 Dave.
the power want to spin that tire outward like a low end slide, and if your front floats in the triple digits like mine...
You will know it.
My new boss promise to show me the racing circuit in China. I don't thinks it's the formula Shanghai cars either.
I'm here for only 3 weeks, I got a job there in less than a week! are some pictures of the trip.

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Not to promote another tire thread, but.....

I've been hearing really good things about Shinko tires lately from riders that have tried them. Have also read some good reviews. Inexpensive tires, yet they are sticky and they wear well. Definitely cheaper than the Power Pilots (especially the 2 ct). I'm going to try the 009 Ravens on my ZX12R as it is notorious for eating rear tires. Can get a front and rear set (120/190) on ebay for a little over $150. The 005's are a bit more expensive and more of a sport tire compared to the 009s, but might be a good match for the GPZ.

Dave B

Jonathon Jay wrote:
> My wife disagrees but I say the most important thing on a motorcycle are sticky tires.
> She says don't get the cheapest out there, but something good. Think on a 1 to 10 scale 1 being cheap and 10 being expensive. She says get a 6 or 7.
> I say get a 10.
> To her credit, she is keeping how long they last in mind, she says try getting some tires that I can get more miles out of. She is correct in saying I will never even approach the limits of the tires I have in mind.
> This is when I take the stance that if I treat them well and just ride them as I would any street tire, I should get decent mileage out of them.
> I have read nothing but good reviews on the Michelin Pilot/power pros. A lot of people say they are only good for a few thousand, some say you may get 10k or more out of a set. I dunno who to believe.
> Is this a really great tire? What kind of mileage could I expect?
> Is it overkill and should I be considering other less expensive brands?
> Regards- 
> J
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