Thomas Hoy thoy at
Wed Apr 22 22:23:36 PDT 2009

I am an old motorcyclist (40) with a new project. 


I am in the middle of a restoration on an '84 gpz1100, and have a few Q's.


While I am a decent general mechanic, I haven't got a lot of experience with
fit and swap of components:



There is little left to do with my project besides some paint/bodywork,
aluminum polishing, a conversion to carbs from the fuel injectors, some
pipework and my planned front end/rear end upgrades. Upgrading the front end
seems to be close to a no-brainer, but I want to go to something beefier on
the rear end, like a swing-arm/rear wheel/caliper combination fm a zx-11.
Has anyone here done such an upgrade or have any recommendations?






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