Gas Shortage?

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Sat Aug 1 14:06:42 PDT 2009

I don't know about a shortage, but there was a gas station down the street
from me selling it for .99 on Friday.  There was a line for 2 miles!

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 11:42 PM, Paul Landry <p_landry at> wrote:

> Yep!..
> Apparently one of the Petro Can refineries in the Edmonton area suffered
> damage from a lightening strike.
> It took down a gas refining facility.  Not sure if it was the whole
> facility
> or just a large portion of it.
> According to today's paper that has been resolved and they are functional
> again but a week behind in production.  They had to ship gas from Eastern
> Canada to help fill the void this situation created.
> It is a joke, we have lots of crude, but just barely enough refining
> capacity and it takes NOTHING to upset that.  Big arguments about building
> more, but the cost is high, and the argument is that it is not cost
> effective, if what we have is not currently at capacity.  Depends on who's
> camp you are in if the argument / economics / accounting / etc. is a
> "valid"
> point of view..
> Pretty messed up system..  I really want the electric car, solar panel to
> charge it and no more dependency on all of this silliness.
> Paul W. Landry
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> Anyone heard of a gas shortage in Alberta Canada?  We ran into long lines
> and a bunch of Petro Canada stations closed and out of gas all the way
> between the US border and into Calgary.  We had dinner next to a closed
> station and all the pumps were wrapped with yellow tape labelled "Out of
> gas".
> Charles S.
> 1100 miles from
> home

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