Steven Bixby steven at bixbys.net
Wed Aug 5 13:57:22 PDT 2009

Hey, I have a PRE, too. :)

Just IMHO.... I personally wouldn't want it mounted on the bike,
though.  I doubt it'll stand up to that kind of vibration and
environmental exposure.  I think you'd be far better off with a Zumo
or the like (which I have, too).  I love the Zumo, fantastic gizmo.
The GPS apps on the Palm are nice and all but nowhere near the
usability of the motorcycle-enabled units like the Zumo.

That said - on my bikes, I have a RAM clutch reservoir mount, along
with corresponding parts like the ball arm, a ball plate for the back
of the GPS mount, and so forth.  It's really a nice rig, if a little
pricey.  Most of the kit came with the Zumo, a factor in the price of
the Zumo that's worth considering.

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 1:49 PM, Alan Nicholls<metrogtiguy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Has anyone found a good way to mount a GPS or PDA/phone on the GPZ yet?  I
> want to mount my Palm Pre by my gauges somewhere, but it seems  wherever I
> put it, it's in the way of the speedo, tach, or the handlebars.  I was think
> of adhering a car mount to the gas tank, but then my phone wouldn't be
> protected if it rained :(.  The GPZ is a big bike, but it seems that every
> square inch is taken up!

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