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Sims, Robert B MAJ MIL USA OSD bob.sims at us.army.mil
Wed Aug 5 14:13:33 PDT 2009

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+1 on the Zumo.  I have the newer 660, don't see how I ever rode without it.  Great discount was available (maybe still is?) through AMA, best deal around even if you have to join AMA just to get it.

Etymotic ER6i earplug speakers are awesome as well.  Tiny and very comfortable, with the Zumo 660 MP3 feature, it's like plugging the music directly into your brain.

HTH.  Bob

On 05/08/09, Steven Bixby  <steven at bixbys.net> wrote:

> environmental exposure.  I think you'd be far better off with a Zumo
> or the like (which I have, too).  I love the Zumo, fantastic gizmo.
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