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On 06/08/09, Alexander Finger  <af at genevainformation.ch> wrote:

> > Etymotic ER6i earplug speakers are awesome as well.  Tiny and very comfortable, with the Zumo 660 MP3 feature, it's like plugging the music directly into your brain.
> The price tag is impressive though. 


Thanks for response.  They're expensive, but price (about $70 from US sources) is good relative to similar devices.  I too had previously used a much-less expensive model (Koss w/Etymotic plugs), but the ER6i is IMHO definitely well worth the price for the improved sound quality, comfort, and noise isolation.

Just my 0,02€...

Sorry to all for the dumb classification markings on my email.  Please disregard, or at least be amused.


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