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It's certainly not a matter of the GPZ being too much bike for me. It's a great bike to be sure, but it's just a dang motorcycle. I'm not in love with the thing. And, truthfully, I don't need all the power it affords. I've had an old GS1000G in the past and it was a mighty fine motorcycle. I wouldn't mind having another one like it at all. And when I took that '82 GS1100GL for a test ride the other day, it had nearly as much get up and go from the start as my Geeper does. I'm sure it lacks in the top end though, but who cares. I did notice the brakes were no where near as good as the GPZ though. Those would be missed for sure. I was on the GPZ for about 4 hours today off and on riding all over the place, enjoying every minute. But, I know I'd enjoy the ride even it it wasn't THAT bike. Maybe I am "nucking futs", but at least I know it Pete.  ;-)

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   I believe Dave is looking at early 80's Suzuki GS1100s. Having owned 3 of
   them, I can attest they are nice bikes. Bullet proof engines. Comfortable
   riding position. yada,... yada,...yawn... I have to agree the GPZ is a much
   better bike than the GS1100L. However, when you start reaching that age
   where  you have to check your shorts in the morning to see if you were
   continent throughout the night, I can understand the GPZ being too much bike
   for you.
   (Just joking Dave)
   Dave Beard
   schnowz wrote:

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  He said old standard Jim not Flintstone era..
  Dave you're fucking nuts, yer must have been hanging around Bill Maggitz too
Serously I have been looking at old standards the last few weekends for my son
to learn on. I'd like a nighthawk or GS from 400 to 550cc if I could find one i
n decent shape but they go fast or are not what they are advertized to be. One
thing that became obvious is how crappy the brakes were back then especially th
e drum brakes which seemed non existant.
I see an old GPZ 550 is in the local paper this weekend and may sniff it, but f
rom what I've read the the powers a little peaky for learning on..
I wouldn't ditch the GPZ1100  though..everytime I ride another bike I realize w
hat a keeper it is..

      Pete S

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Ok I'll bite what is an old standard?? I've owned anything from a 1965 Suzuki 8
0 Sport (only ever new bike) to a 1929 HD 61 CID with a side car, 42 WL 45 CID?
HD, 47 HD 61 CID EL; 53 Zundapp 600 cc, 59 Matchless 650, and others.



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