GPZList Digest, Vol 33, Issue 5

Steven Bixby steven at
Fri Aug 7 19:13:02 PDT 2009

Zumo does have a trip log, of course.   The one catch with it is that it 
rolls over the log about every 10,000 data points, and the standard 
MapSource data transfer doesn't pick up the archived logs... which I 
figured out the other day.  I'm sure most of the other Zumo/Nuvi based 
units work the same in that regard.  

You can still get the logs from the USB-drive archive folder and copy 
them over manually.  There are tools around that will happily manage 
more data, and I'm actually planning to write my own program for this; 
I'm visualizing a full "database type" log manager that will let you 
read your logs and automatically pull them into the database, then do 
things like stitch logs together, strip out tracks that represent 
"standing around in the parking lot for a half-hour deciding where to go 
next",  show tracks by date, time, geographical area, build routes for 
yourself or others, and so forth.  I'm sure there's a program or several 
out there doing it already, but I'm a pogamma-geek and wanna write my own.

I think one big difference people aren't expecting, between the Zumo and 
the Nuvi series given their cost differences, is that the Zumo does come 
with MapSource, and it does come with a full-on motorcycle mounting 
rig.  This is a pretty significant difference which accounts for the 
pricing disparity we see from the outside.

It's also quite convenient and easy enough to build routes in MapSource 
and push them to the Zumo.

Then of course, the Zumo is weather ready and motorcycle friendly, but.. 
yada, yada.   I don't mean to preach, I just like my Zumo, man!  :)

I should mention I have the 450; between the 450 and 550, I have no use 
for the bluetooth, so I didn't need the extra cost.  The 550 did have 
both car and motorcycle mounts included, which might have been worth the 
difference.   And, the 660 was just a rumor at the time, otherwise I 
might have held out.

schnowz wrote:
>   I use the Garmin Nuvi 750 which I got for the wife last Christmas for $170. She has only used it a couple of times can't let it go to waste..Maybe I'll buy her a new bike next Christmas being as she doesn't ride..
>   Entering the routes in the Nuvi can be time consuming but it has been a god send in exploring all the backroads. I used to do this before, but now I can tell which are a dead end up front. It also has a trip log which I don't think the Zumo has.

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