If I sell

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I have a friend in Kirkland Lake who had a black & red 83 with 7500 km.  I
asked him to call me if he ever wanted to sell it.  I didn't make it to his
yard sale and it went for $500.00.
I should go and get my 78 -900 Z1 out of the barn in Micksburg before the 
eat it.


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>I almost had a beautiful low kms '84 GPz 550 a few years ago with all
> black engine and exhausts. I waited a bit too long ands it was gone. I'm
> still mad about losing it. It's a very pretty bike!
> Art
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> He said old standard Jim not Flintstone era..
> Dave you're fucking nuts, yer must have been hanging around Bill
> Maggitz too long..;-)
> Serously I have been looking at old standards the last few weekends for
> my son to learn on. I'd like a nighthawk or GS from 400 to 550cc if I
> could find one in decent shape but they go fast or are not what they are
> advertized to be. One thing that became obvious is how crappy the brakes
> were back then especially the drum brakes which seemed non existant.
> I see an old GPZ 550 is in the local paper this weekend and may sniff
> it, but from what I've read the the powers a little peaky for learning
> on..
> I wouldn't ditch the GPZ1100 though..everytime I ride another bike I
> realize what a keeper it is..
> Pete S
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> Ok I'll bite what is an old standard?? I've owned anything from a 1965
> Suzuki 80 Sport (only ever new bike) to a 1929 HD 61 CID with a side
> car, 42 WL 45 CID? HD, 47 HD 61 CID EL; 53 Zundapp 600 cc, 59 Matchless
> 650, and others.
> Jim

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