vapor lock, and more

Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at
Mon Aug 10 19:22:00 PDT 2009

After a chilly start to the day, temps went into the upper 80s.  Looking
forward to my ride home, I thumbed the starter and was rewarded with a very
brief "thump" and some starter whine, but that was it.  Motor didn't turn
over, and the starter seemed to be trying to move an immovable object.
Fearing the worst but knowing everything had been fine on the ride into
work, I pulled the tank and plugs to see if the motor would move without
compression.  Yup.

Note to self, remember to stuff rages very tightly over the spark plug
openings.  Messy.  Very messy.

When reassembled (and what a bitch it was reconnecting the fuel line) the
motor initially made the same noise, then turned over with ease.  Obviously
it was vapor locked.  I never had this issue on my '95, but that was also a
stock set up.  Anyone else have this issue?  Is there a preventative measure
I can take?

Didn't get to ride the bike home, because somewhere, somehow I have a nasty
fuel leak.  If I didn't know better, I'd say the leak was coming from the
bottom of the motor.  And landing directly on the exhaust pipe.  I was very
fortunate the motor never actually started.  Every time I turn the motor
over I get a nice, steady drip, and I can't see where it's coming from.  I'd
worked on the bike for several hours in the heat, and quit for the day.
Fortunately, our maintenance guys at school let me put the bike in their
garage for the night.  Once on the center stand, no leak.  Moving the bike
or leaving on the side stand = leak.


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