vapor lock, and more

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Hey Jim and guys,

That is exactly how my petcock blues occurred...? same strong gas odor, same puddle, etc.? 

Guys, beware...

Ron Jordan

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The manual petcock is only as good as the operator as I found out this morning. I took the 1975 Honda XL 250 out last week to make sure it was running alright as I'm going to sell it. This morning I went into the garage and noticed a strong aroma of gas. I checked the Triumph nothing, then went to the Honda and found about a liter puddle of fuel under it. The bike was dripping fuel from near the front sproket. I turned off the petcock and the fuel leak stopped. I wheeled the bike outside, careful not to create any sparks.?
I turned the petcock back on and noticed the fuel was coming out the carburetor overflow/drain line. This bike had sat for at lease a week before the needle valve decided to leak. I don't remember moving the bike.?
Fortunately the garage is not wired for electricity, I could have got one nasty surprize have I thrown on a light switch.?
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> Permanent fix: Pingel #6211-CH + adapter #A1602C. Pricey, but much less > than a hydrolock repair.?
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> For just the reason Ron described. No reason to take chances with > something that can go at any time , especially on a 15 YO bike. And > actually the bike I meant was the ZRX 1200, not the ZZR. I think someone > used the tap off teh ZRX before if I remember correctly.?
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