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Paul Heim SuprHtr at
Thu Dec 17 18:35:07 PST 2009

I've been wearing Oxtar Matrix boots for five years and they're great, but I 
think the new versions are lots more $$$ than the $150 I paid.  The company 
changed their name due to copyright infringements and I can't recall what 
they're called now.  What sold me was a MCN article that noted these are the 
boots motorcycle cops wear in Europe.

Paul in Ohio

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> 13s JHC!!! I could put all the socks I own on and the boots would still 
> rattle around on my feet.  But thanks for the offer.  I'll have to drop in 
> to a couple of larger bike outlets in Ottawa to try on boots just to see 
> what size I wear with the various makers.
> Jim
>>     I've got a pair of Tourmasters size 13 worn once. If size right I'll
>> sell cheap.
>>    Les J.

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