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Yes, the lovely airport. As you fly in and look out the airplane window to view to lovely smog and surrounding industrial view. Beautiful. And then, try and find the correct way out of that place in your rental car.

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I got to NJ on a regular basis for work.  For my $0.02 worth, you couldn't
get me to move there for any amount of money (heck, my boss asks me to move
at least once year!).  Listening to people who live there, it seems like
taxes are very high and might even be the highest in the nation, but I
haven't done the research.  Then there is the lovely Newark airport ;-)

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I have never been to Joisey but it must be a wonderful state.  It is the 
most crowded state in the union, everyone wants to live there --- except 
Archie Bunker.

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> Amazing how many people somehow think that...Newark is such a small  part 
> of northern jersey....the worst part of northern jersey is the  expense of

> living here...
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>> Only northern.  I spent some time back in the late 80's in
>> southern New Jersey, around Salem working at the nuclear
>> reactor support facilities, absolutely beautiful there.
>> It's paradise there as compared to say Newark in the north.
>> Charles S.
>>> Jersey bashing????, that hurts....
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>>> On Dec 18, 2009, at 2:34 PM, scapco at wrote:
>>>> Sniffing those chemicals got to him in Joisey, LOL!!
>>>> Charles S.

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