Valve Shims

Steven Bixby steven at
Sun Feb 1 11:28:08 PST 2009

HotCams has shim kits that cover the two normal diametric sizes.  (I 
forget exactly which the GPZ uses.)
(This is just the first etailer I hit in Google, many others have the 
kits too.)

The catch with HotCams is that I believe the steps of shim thicknesses 
are larger than Kawasaki's, so you have  a bit less fine-tuning ability 
than OEM shims.  (I'm going by my knowledge of Honda's OEM shims, as 
I've not done my GPZ's yet.)

>     Does Kawasaki sell or anyone else sell a kit that contains an assortment
> of shims? I know when I set mine I was able to switch some around but also
> wished I had some others to get things closer yet on the specs.

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