Heat soak?

David Fallon davidinwa at comcast.net
Tue Feb 3 21:44:00 PST 2009

One more chapter.  I ran the bike around the country for a half hour,  
park it in the garage and let it "soak" for an hour.  When I tried to  
restart it, the engine ran on only the #2-3 cylinders again. I did a  
quick check to make sure I had 12 volts at the 1-4 coil and it was  
good.  Then, I pulled the cover off the ignition pickup (sensor) coils  
at the end of the crank, sprayed the #1-4 pickup coil with ether  
(starting fluid) to cool it down.  The #1-4 ignition system came to  
life and the bike was running on all four cylinders.  I hope I have  
found the culprit.  The old electronics are like my knees; they used  
to work great and now they kinda work.

I'll look for replacements and see what happens.

David Fallon

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