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As of Tuesday, February 10th, 2009, the small powersports 
industry has all but been shut down. This affects not only
dealers and new units but individuals all across the U.S.
New and used units as well as parts availability for
every used unit in the nation has been called under
question. This issue is far reaching not only financially
but also concerning safety. With the suspension of
proper sized ATV's and motorcycles suspended, young
riders will be tempted to use improperly sized and built
machines which could (but Lord willing won't) lead to
severe injuries.

There is a waiver now setting before the Consumer Product 
Safety Commission in Washington DC, but has not been acted 
upon as of yet. We need every available rider, Mother, 
Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt, Uncle and any 
relative, friend neighbor, business or personal contact or 
any person who is a legal us citizen to get involved. They 
need to access this website, read the sample letter, type 
in their name and address then click the "send a letter on 
my behalf" icon below it. This will generate correspondence
to all the committee members in Washington that are on the 
committee that oversee the commission that could act upon 
this. The commission members as well as my office will also 
receive copies of the letters set so we can be the most 
effective voice we that we can. The sport as well as the 
industry is in turmoil and time is short. The future of 
small power sports is at risk! PLEASE ACT NOW!!

Click here to send a letter to

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