Rich burning smell

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Tue Feb 17 10:43:30 PST 2009

Hi John,

These motors are good for 100K if cared for, so with 17K on 
the motor it's hardly broken in and it's likely not the 

The first thing I'd check is your petcock.  Pull the hose 
off and make sure it's not dripping.  These have a vacuum 
petcock and it should not flow at all if the engine is 
off.  If it's leaking or dripping, replace it with one from 
a late model ZRX1200.  Same petcock but with a different o-
ring material that is supposed to last longer.  It could be 
excess gas in the motor if this is leaking.  If not fixed 
it can hydro lock the motor.

Second, check the air cleaner and make sure it's clean and 
flowing properly. I think the butterfly's are all tied 
together so one should not be able to stick, but a 
possibility is with a carb.  These are CV carbs (constant 
velocity) and have vacuum bladders in the carbs.  If one is 
torn or leaking that slide could not be opening as much as 
the others and cause one cylinder to run rich.  Pulling the 
plugs would answer a lot of these questions and if it's one 
particular cylinder this should tell you which one.

Good luck and let us know what you find.

Charles S.
95 GPZ1100

>Hi All,
>I've noticed that my '96 GPZ is smelling like it's on 
>CHOKE even after it's all warmed up and the choke turned 

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