Rich burning smell

john leonard jlmdx at
Wed Feb 18 08:14:45 PST 2009

Thanks Charles!

Excellent suggestions and advice.

1) I pulled the air filter and about 40% was covered in dirt - I have a new one on order (approx $25).  I noticed what appeared to be some oily/gassy sludge on the filter and at the bottom of the air box.  I wouldn't have expected to see any "wetness" in there.

2) I pulled the fuel line and the petcock wasn't leaking but I ordered a new one because I've read lots of complaints about that thing on this board over the years.  Kawasaki discontinued the '96 petcock and is selling an updated one for about $60.

I'll keep you updated,


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> Subject: Re: Rich burning smell
> Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 18:43:30 +0000
> Hi John,
> These motors are good for 100K if cared for, so with 17K on 
> the motor it's hardly broken in and it's likely not the 
> valves.
> The first thing I'd check is your petcock.  Pull the hose 
> off and make sure it's not dripping.  These have a vacuum 
> petcock and it should not flow at all if the engine is 
> off.  If it's leaking or dripping, replace it with one from 
> a late model ZRX1200.  Same petcock but with a different o-
> ring material that is supposed to last longer.  It could be 
> excess gas in the motor if this is leaking.  If not fixed 
> it can hydro lock the motor.
> Second, check the air cleaner and make sure it's clean and 
> flowing properly. I think the butterfly's are all tied 
> together so one should not be able to stick, but a 
> possibility is with a carb.  These are CV carbs (constant 
> velocity) and have vacuum bladders in the carbs.  If one is 
> torn or leaking that slide could not be opening as much as 
> the others and cause one cylinder to run rich.  Pulling the 
> plugs would answer a lot of these questions and if it's one 
> particular cylinder this should tell you which one.
> Good luck and let us know what you find.
> Charles S.
> 95 GPZ1100
> >Hi All,
> > 
> >I've noticed that my '96 GPZ is smelling like it's on 
> >CHOKE even after it's all warmed up and the choke turned 
> >off.
> {SNIP}

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