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Wed Jan 7 06:57:17 PST 2009

Hi Ian, 

Thanks for your message.

"My biggest winter problem is seeing where I'm going."

Agreed. I have been riding more recently in the dark and have experienced 
this problem too. A couple of times I have thought that without accurate 
guess work, keeping on your side of the road can be very difficult. 
Spotted a HID conversion yesterday whilst looking at some clothing gear 
suggested by another lister.
However as described in the product details, I am unsure whether these are 
legal in the UK. I note you have fitted one and therefore assume these are 
legal. Can you confirm?

Clean visor. Indeed, this is a problem and the more I ride the more 
unwilling I am to put up with riding half blind. ;]
Recently found a product called "tear off's" which come in packs that get 
stuck to your visor in multiple layers. You can then rip the top layer off 
when you get an unclear view that can't be cleaned using your wiper blade. 
Not looked into them very much at the moment but the idea sounds good. 
Only problem I can see is that during the 20 minute ride to work everyday 
I'm guessing I would need to tear off one or two of these. Therefore they 
could end up being very expensive.

LMAO at jury rigging a spray wash to your dash. That is a modification I 
would love to see. Handy for those times you are parched too ;]

Need a million and one things for myself and the bike at the moment so if 
anyone has any links to useful sites with cheap or comprehensive parts, 
compatible with the GPZ1100, that would be much appreciated.

Rob Justice
System Administrator (GEMS)  - PGDS Finance
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Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 13:11:53 +0000
From: Ian Westlake <ianwestlake at>
Subject: British biking

Hi Robert & all listers. Had my GPZ just over a year now but never got 
round to joining the list til now. Not so cold here in south east 
England but cold enough! I used to find icing a problem but this 
winter I've been letting her warm for longer before setting out & had 
no problems. I put this down to engine warmth getting across to the 
inlet manifolds better without the flow of cold air once you get 
moving and once warm they seem to stay ok. Had the heated grips & ?150 
gloves on my B*W but to be honest I still got cold fingertips. These 
days I wear a pair of disposable vinyl gloves (the ones mechanics etc 
wear these days to stop oil & skin contact) under my ?40 HG "blader" 
gloves which seem to help a bit (tried proper inner gloves but I found 
they made things so tight my circulation suffered). My biggest winter 
problem is seeing where I'm going. I have an HID conversion on the 
headlight which is ace but trying to keep the visor on my helmet clear 
is a real pain once the spray off the roads dries on it. The built in 
wiper blade on the Heine Gericke gloves helps but if the visor dries 
that's game over. I have a small spray bottle of water and a cloth in 
the top of my tankbag but it normally means pulling over to use it. 
Playing with the idea of mounting a car washer jet on the bike screen 
but knowing my luck I'll spray it when the visors open & blind myself!

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