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Hi Robert & Steve ( addressing to you both as you both asked about the HID)
I have had no problems with the HID and have had it MOT'd since fitting. As to legal? I cant find too much in the way of a definitive answer but as 6000k HID's are std equipment on most top end cars these days I cant see any problem. Its not so much that its a brighter light, more that its a whiter white. The one I got was off EBay , if you look up item no. 120345360131 that's the guy i got mine from. I used to use tear-offs in the days of my youth when i used to fall off grass track bikes for fun. They work OK by day but optically they are not too good, I could see them struggling by night with oncoming headlights and they can be a bit fiddly, with winter gloves on it may be a struggle. Think I'll stick to the washer jet idea and convert it to beer for the summer !!!!! 
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Hi Ian, 

Thanks for your message.

"My biggest winter problem is seeing where I'm going."

Agreed. I have been riding more recently in the dark and have experienced 

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