British Biking

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Wed Jan 7 16:31:31 PST 2009

Rob welcome to the list..It depends on how long you want to ride. Prolonged 
Highway riding is a different bag from a short commute.
     My reccomendation is buy electrics you will not regret it..The Gerbing 
jacket works well, though their gloves are a little clumsy, still they're 
better than heated grips. Widder is going out of business I believe.
     Make sure you have a windproof outer jacket and pants as any small leak 
makes a differnce.
    Wear a windproof balaclava with a neckpiece that tucks in. I wear a high 
collar fleece waistcoat under my jacket that I tuck it into. The only bitch 
is if you wear glasses like me, they steam up easy when you stop.
    If you're doing long distances you will need either electric socks or 
electric heated footpads.
   The aerostich/rider warehouse wipes work well for defogging but are too 
dam'd expensive.

       Pete S

>As a new member I thought it would be good to get other peoples opinions
> on tips and tricks for daily riding in wind, rain, sleet and snow. I
> bought my GPZ at the end of last summer and have had little time to
> enjoy
> my ride in a comfortable environment.
> Scottish weather is not the best for biking and additional gear is a
> must
> if you don't want to end up dreading your ride as your putting on your
> helmet.

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